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Ultimate Google Way

Ultimate Google Way

Look for Appz in Parent Directory

intext:"parent directory" intext:"[EXE]"

intext:"parent directory" index of:"[EXE]"

intext:"parent directory" index of:"[RAR]"

This will look for any exe or optionaly for zip, rar, ace, iso, bin and etc.

Look for Moviez in Parent Directory

intext:"parent directory" intext:"[VID]"

intext:"parent directory" index of:"[VID]"

This will look for any video filetype in parent directory. You can optionaly add index:"xvid" or intext:"divx" for specific codec movie.

Look for Muzik in Parent Directory

intext:"parent directory" intext:"[MP3]"

intext:"parent directory" index of:"[MP3]"

This will look for any music files.

Look for Gamez in Parent Directory

intext:"parent directory" index of:"[Gamez]"

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