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Simple Utorrent Guide For New Users

Though this guide is based on the Utorrent 1.5, i think the settings on the version 1.6 are similar

The Simple uTorrent Guide for New Users
New 1.5 Client Download Here : uTorrent
Since it's conception, uTorrent has slowly become a premiere client packed with features, throttled by a growing install base. This guide is here to help users who are having trouble configuring the client.

Bear in mind this guide will be updated when felt needed or necessary.

Preferences > Network

Port used for incoming connections
- If you are experiencing slow speeds, this could very well be the culprit - especially under routers.
- Make sure you have either DMZ or Port Forwarding for the same port no. enabled for connections.
- If you are a Rogers, or Shaw user, you could very well be already 'throttled' which would result in very slow upload and download speeds. For Rogers users, for certain geographical areas, selecting port 1720 or 1755 resolves any problems with speeds for the moment.

Add uTorrent to Windows Firewall Exceptions
- Windows Firewall is an excellent built-in firewall option if you are just surfing around, and do not care much about extending your online experience through means of downloading, playing games, etc. Otherwise, I would advise disabling it completely to fully take advantage of your connection. However, if you do have the Firewall still enabled, make sure you have this checked on to include in the list of applications capable of accessing your connection.

Global Maximum Upload Rate
- Typically, the general rule is to set this to about 80-85% of your capable upload speed.
e.g., If you upload speed is 100 kB/s, you would set this setting to either 80 or 85.
- Others prefer to just keep it at '0', which signifies it will fully use your upload speed when available to do so. Keep in mind that general surfing, and browsing may become slower.

Protocol Encryption***
- With more and more ISP's throttling the BT Protocol, users are experiencing significantly slower upload speeds. As a result of slower uploads, slower downloads are also very commonly experienced. North America ISP's such as Rogers, Shaw, among others, have already implimented such questionable tactics.
- By enabling this option, you will be sending encrypted headers out to other users who have also enabled this feature. This will bypass any current known throttling technics, and will often yield significantly faster speeds.
- With Azureus and uTorrent co-operating to impliment Protocol Encryption, it only means the end user benefits. Please keep in mind that this is a very important feature, and for it to be fully implimented and maximized, it takes the co-operation of it's users to enable this feature.

Preferences > Advanced

- By default, this setting is set to 'true'. By switching this to 'false', you are telling uTorrent that you are allowing it to use more of your CPU power. This will help yield better speeds. If you are worried of it using too much CPU power, just keep in mind, no matter what you do, it will use less CPU power & memory than BitComet will - ever.

- This is an absolute make or break for your Bit Torrent speeds. With the advent of SP2, Windows XP limited your open TCP/IP connections to 10. Originally, this value was set to 50.
- Thankfully, there is an application you can download that can modify this value on your Windows system. Please direct yourself to: [url] Here[/url] and follow to the 'Download' section to download the DOS-based application that wil modify your TCPIP.SYS system file.
- I would recommend setting the value to about 50. In uTorrent, it is up to you whether you would like to take full advantage of this value or not. My personal general rule is setting it to about 3/4 of your open connections in your TCPIP.SYS.
- It should be noted that this is also the culprit for a lot of modem disconnects, and bad resetting connections. Because of SP2 limiting the TCP/IP connections, there is often an overflow of data that cannot be successfully transferred.
- Please be diligent in setting this value inside uTorrent.

- Change this value to about 600.

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Daemon Tools Tutorial

Daemon Tools Tutorial

Daemon Tools Is An Advanced Application For Microsoft Windows.

Where To Find:

You Can Get Daemon Tools From Its Original Website

After Installation Comes Mounting:

1. After Installation, An Icon Shows On Your Desktop

2. Double Click It, Look At Bottom Right Corner

3. An Red Lightning Bolt Should Show Up

4. Right Click It

Upon Right Clicking It:
1. 5 Sections Will Pop Up (Virtual CD/DVD Rom, Emulation, Options, Help, And Exit)

Only Need To Focus Mainly On The Virtual CD/DVD ROM Part.

Mounting Process:
1. As You Move Your Mouse Over Virtual CD/DVD Rom, More Options Appear

A. Device 0 – No Media
B. Unmount All Drives
C. Set Number Of Devices

2. Go To Set Number Of Devices, Hit 4 And You Notice Now That There Are Device 0, 1, 2, And 3

3. You Can Mount .Iso, .Bin, .Mdf Files With Daemon Tools

4. So Now You Go To Virtual CD/DVD Rom, Device 0, And Select Mount Image

5. Now Find The Iso Or Bin Or Mdf And Click Open

6. An Autoplay Should Pop Up, Allowing You To Install The Game Or Application

That’s The Process Of Daemon Tools.

*Remember Games Need To Be Cracked In Order To Be Played

Cracks Available At : gamecopyworld

Enjoy This Tutorial

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VLC Player Shortcuts

In this tutorial you can fix sync problems etc. using your keyboard.

VLC is a very versatile media player that can play anything you throw on it, but very so often you really won’t be able to figure out the controls. If you didn’t know, you can get a lot of things done on VLC Player just by using keyboard shortcuts.

Here goes a list of keyboard shortcuts for VLC player:

Space Play/Pause
s Stop
+ Play faster
- Play Slower
t Position
n Next Item
p Previous Item
f Fullscreen
m Mute
Shift+Rt Arrow Forward 3 seconds
Shift+Lt Arrow Backward 3 seconds
Alt+Rt Arrow Forward 10 seconds
Alt+Lt Arrow Backward 10 seconds
Ctrl+q Quit
Ctrl+Up Arrow Volume up
Ctrl+Dn Arrow Volume down
Ctrl+Rt Arrow Forward 1 minute
Ctrl+Lt Arrow Backward 1 minute

Ctrl+r Record
Alt+Ctrl+S Video Snapshot
Ctrl+m DVD Menu
Ctrl+p Select Previous DVD Title
Ctrl+n Select Next DVD Title

Ctrl+B Bookmarks
Ctrl+P Playlist
Ctrl+I Stream, Media Info
Ctrl+S Preferences
Ctrl+G Extended GUI

ctrl + l
ctrl + k

incrementally add or remove delay (in case the movie is out of sync)

For your note, all these shortcuts are customizable. You can play with them in the Edit >> Preferences Dialog.

Get VLC player - link

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Join serveral movie files., Batch file

Join Multiple video files ( flv, mpg, vob, etc...)

This worked fantastic for me I had six vob video files and all you have to do is.

1 - open notepad

2 - type copy /b*.mpg FullMovie.mpg

3 - save the file as .bat Ex - TheGoodFellas.bat

4 - now copy and paste the bat file in the folder where you are holding all the movie files you want to join. Ex -

5 - Now double click the bat file you made and give it some time to join, it took my movie around 3 min.

This might be a super newb batch file but enjoi anyway

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